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Backed by a powerful analytical platform to support a wide range of applications

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Our Vision

Hyper Analytical Software endeavors to simplify the ingestion, processing, and analysis of big data to enable innovative cloud-based solutions for the end user.

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Silverstream Platform

Meeting the challenge of big data solutions


A distributed hybrid framework including GPU processing and fork-join CPU processing transforms big data to useful information at lightning speed.


Easily launch a load-balanced, auto-scaling solution cluster or a large auto-configuring cluster where machines cooperate to process distributed data.


Use a familiar SQL dialect to easily define metered, web-based solution queries, large-scale bulk analysis/indexing runs, or document streaming formats.


Encrypt analysis and index results with your own keys for secure cloud-based persistence and later retrieval by machines in another dynamic cluster.

Claim Sleuth (SaaS)

Claim Sleuth is our signature product running on the Silverstream platform. It is an advanced FTO search engine that goes beyond simple key word matching by using artificial intelligence techniques to find statements in active US patent claims that are semantically similar to user-provided ideas written in plain English.

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Claim Sleuth

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